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The Client

Greenwhey is a sports nutrition brand. It is fully vegetarian and doesn’t consist of any animal based proteins.

The Keywords

Vibrant / Bold / Assuring / Natural

The Solution

The color palette consists of neutral colors combined with some cold blue and purple colors. These colors were chosen to show the naturalness and ingredients of the products. In addition to the unique pattern designs, we set specific flavor colors, such as vanilla colors for the vanilla-flavored product, brown colors for the chocolate favors, and blue colors for the blueberry.

We have created unique patterns made out of one main color and its shade for the specific products. The “Rice and Peas Protein” pattern design, for example, consists of simplified shaped illustrations of rice and peas. Alternatively, the “Multivitamins” pattern design includes illustrations that resemble hair, as the product’s purpose is to improve the overall immune system, including hair and nails.

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